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kelingking beach

Kelingking is the most iconic spot in Nusa Penida, the west and south sides of Nusa Penida are mostly towering cliffs, very rarely you will find a beach here.

broken beach

the situation of a broken beach does not describe the current damaged sea, but a beach with the beauty of a giant hole filled with clear seawater. The cliff of the broken beach has a height of about 70 meters and there is a small beach here.

crystal bay

Just type “Crystal bay” on your google maps then you will be directed right away if you are adventuring by yourself or if you are taking part in a tour package there is already a driver who brings you here.

tembeling beach

Just like the typical southern island of Nusa Penida which is filled with giant rock cliffs, Tembeling is also like that, uniquely here there are springs and small beaches between the cliffs. Tembeling is an area that has a sea and a beach and there are also springs and swimming pools formed by natural rocks in this place.

diamond beach

Diamond beach is a very worthy beach to visit, it has stunningly beautiful views also has soft white sand as a great place to complete your holiday. In addition, when the seawater recedes you will see many rock holes that are formed like small ponds, suitable as a place to soak and even as a good photo angel.

angel billabong

Angel billabong is a small lagoon, a dead-end river, and a natural swimming pool formed from the rock on a small cliff on the island of Nusa Penida Barat. The waves that continue to roll fill the water in this pool. If you come here for the first time, you will be amazed by the beauty of this lagoon. The water is clear, tempting the feet to go down and touch the water.

The Best Experience Ever

"our first stop was diamond beach located on the eastren trip of the island. The cliffs are phenomenal.
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