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kelingking beach

Have you ever imagined you found a place like a hidden paradise, it must be amazing right?

That’s what you will feel when visiting the Kelingking beach. Without realizing it, you will be amazed at the natural scenery in front of you. Your hand reflex will take the camera to capture it.

first of all, Kelingking beach locates at Nusa Penida Island, so you have to know how to go to Nusa Penida island from Bali. This beach is the most iconic of Nusa Penida beaches also know as T rex beach.

Kelingking beach is a beach that must be visited if tourists take a tour of Nusa Penida Island. The first time you come, you will set foot on top of the Kelingking cliff. Greeted by a combination of high cliffs with beautiful turquoise sea and white sandy beaches at the down of the cliffs, it is truly enchanting.

The thing that is no less important is that there are lots of instagramable photo spots here, so after visiting here you will have lots of stock photos for social media.

Hundreds of photographers and travel bloggers have come and captured the beautiful moments here.

Where and How to go to Kelingking Beach

A giant cliff to the west of Nusa Penida Island, precisely in a Banjar called Karang Dawa, is included in the area of Bunga Mekar village of Nusa Penida sub-district.

Kelingking beach maps

You can come here by car or motorbike. 40 minutes drive from Nusa Penida Harbor, you will arrive at this extraordinary place. The road to the Kelingking has been good and all paved since the end of 2019, it is quite comfortable to drive even though you use a scooter, be careful because the road is narrow.

If you are the type of traveler who wants to be practical and doesn’t want to be complicated, rent a car at the port of Nusa Penida with prices ranging from 500,000 – 600,000 for a 1-day tour. You don’t need to think about traveling because there is already a driver who will take you to your destination.

Not only that, but the driver will also take you to tourist spots to help take pictures or something else. Make sure you get a driver who has responsibility for it, don’t get a driver who only takes you to the parking lot and leaves you confused at tourist spots.

For those of you who like challenges, you can rent a motorbike or scooter, of course, it’s cheaper with a rental price of 75,000 one day. Be diligent in opening google maps or asking local people when you are not sure which route you are taking.

Kelingking Beach is included in the Nusa Penida West Tour category because its location is on the west side of Nusa Penida Island. The regular route for the Kelingking Beach tour is Angel Billabong, Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach, and Crystal Bay.

Kelingking Beach TripAdvisor Award

It can be said that Kelingking Beach is a tourist icon of Nusa Penida Beaches. Because the place is truly amazing and the only one.

For that Kelingking Beach has been awarded as to 2nd best beach in Asia and the 19th best beaches of the 25th best beach in the world by TripAdvisor. In 2019 and traveler’s choice winner in 2020.

What can you find at Kelingking Beach

“Beautiful scenery “

From the parking lot, you have to walk to a location about 50 meters.

Arriving at Kelingking, we will be greeted by a view of a giant cliff. Cliff in the shape of a beautiful ty-rex (tyrannosaurus rex) head.

Far below the cliffs, a stunning white sand beach view with the Indian Ocean.

The blue sea is endless. There are other spots that are no less beautiful look from the Kelingking Cliffs, namely Banah Cliff and Paluang Cliff.

For those who are afraid of the same height be careful.

Slowly looking at and holding onto the fence might help you.

“Photo spots“

More than four photo spots are on the little cliff, natural photo spots, and artificial photo spots.

kelingking beach nusa penida

Explore one by one and find your best picture with friends. Manta rays, from time to time seen dozens of manta rays flocking to our admiration of the natural beauty here.

“Adventure & Trekking”

nusa penida kelingking beach

Your adrenaline is automatically challenging when you see a beautiful beach there.

While you have to go down a steep cliff to be able to set foot on pinkie beach. Rugged cliffs with hundreds of steps and a fence made of wood.

No need to doubt the road is safe, it’s just rather difficult terrain. About 30 minutes down the cliff we can enjoy the charming stretch of white sand.

All feelings of fatigue immediately paid off when you set foot on the beach.


  • wear shoes to cross the cliff to make it safer,
  • Make sure your condition is fit because it’s not an easy terrain. You don’t want to be able to go down but not be able to get back up
  • Do not carry anything heavy and unnecessary because you will be in trouble when you return to the top of the cliff.
  • For tourists who take the one day trip program, first, ask your tour guide whether there is enough time or not.

“Swimming and sunbathing

“When you get to the bottom, you are not alone, many tourists also come down to the beach.

When the Kelingking Beach sea waves are friendly You can swim. Sunbathe also nice while enjoying the typical beach atmosphere.

The seawater on the Kelingking is very cruel during big waves, although you are a strong swimmer it is not easy to conquer the ocean waves here. Do not swim carelessly before confirming the situation, condition, and yourself.

You can buy drinks and snacks from traders on the Kelingking Beach at a slightly higher price considering their efforts to bring them down to the beach.

In addition to white sandy beaches, Kelingking Beach also has a cave at the base of the cliff, two caves at the northern end of the beach, and the southern end of the beach.

After Finish enjoying the breathtaking Beach

It will take 45 minutes to climb back up the cliff. be careful and take a breath for a while when you feel very tired.

That is not an easy journey, when you reach the top that’s feel-good, you made it, and you have conquered the giant Kelingking cliff.

Facilities and prices in the Kelingking Beach area

Entrance ticket: IDR 5000 per person

Toilets, there are many toilets in the Kelingking area for IDR 5000, you can also use the toilets provided by the restaurant located there.

The young coconut is a drink that you must try on Kelingking beach, the scorching heat when taking photos makes you thirsty so young coconut is the right medicine for thirst. The price of a young coconut is IDR 20,000

Beer, besides young coconut, beer is also the Favorite that is most often bought by tourists, especially foreign tourists who really like beer. The price for a small beer is IDR 25,000 and a large beer is IDR 50,000

Memories of the tree of love

If you have visited Kelingking Beach before 2019 then you will see or even have time to take pictures on the branches of the love tree. The love tree is a tree that has died in the Kelingking area.

This tree is the second spot beside the main spot of the Kelingking beach which is loved by tourists, especially local tourists. People are willing to queue up hot and hot to climb onto the tree branches one by one to take beautiful photos against the Kelingking sea as a backdrop.

Standing until the end of 2018 the love tree finally fell after being climbed by hundreds of tourists. And now the little love tree is gone, only memorable photos on social media are left.

The best time to visit Kelingking Beach

During high season, Kelingking is a place that tends to be crowded most of the day. From 8:30 to 14:00 the little finger is crowded with visitors who want to see the beauty of the beach.

Tourists stand jostled along the cliff fence, especially popular photo spots. They made long queues and immediately took pictures after their turn. Even on the way to go down to the beach, you will meet many people how like a market.

If you are a tourist who doesn’t really like crowds, come in the morning before 8:00 Am or come in the late afternoon. In the afternoon after 15:00 Pm, besides being quieter, you also get the bonus of seeing an amazing sunset.

For trekking to the bottom of the cliff in the morning or evening is a good time, because the sun is not so hot so you don’t feel too tired when climbing the cliff.

One thing you need to know is to be able to come early in the morning or wait for the sunset on Kelingking beach, you have to stay one night in Nusa Penida.

Recommended restaurant near Kelingking beach

There are many restaurants that serve food packages to tourists, starting from breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We will make a list of restaurants that we recommend to tourists visiting the Kelingking beach. We will always update this list so that it becomes relevant and good recommendations for tourists.

1. Sebuluh restaurants & bars

This restaurant is located on the route to Kelingking Beach. With a distance of several kilometers and 5 minutes of travel time. We recommend this place because of the location, the comfortable place, the large car park, and the satisfying service.

This restaurant provides a lot of food and beverage menus, tourists just have to choose according to taste. A vegetarian menu is also available.

For kitchen utensils, the ten restaurants use five-star hotel standard equipment.

Maybe that’s one reason even though the customer is very busy, they don’t have to wait for food too long. For taste problems, Sebuluh resto is championed.

Additional facilities:

  • Handwash sink
  • Toilet
  • Driver and tour guide room
  • Large parking lot

2. Warung NG

This restaurant is located on the Kelingking path to Crystal Bay.

We recommend this restaurant because the location is perfect for the West Nusa Penida tour package.

After being tired of the little finger, a 15-minute journey arrived at this restaurant.

A variety of delicious food and beverage menus are available here.

After a full stomach, then proceed to the last spot, namely Crystal beach.


  • Wash sink
  • Toilet
  • Driver and tour guide room
  • Large car park

Hotel near Kelingking beach

Because it is too cool and fun to be with your little finger, it can make you forget the time and finally for one day trip you miss the boat or spend the night at Kelingking beach.

Ultimately you’ll need to find a place to stay at least for the night. The roads in Nusa Penida are not good for night trips because there are very few street lights available. Therefore, we provide information on some of the closest inns around Kelingking Beach.

1. Homestay Kubu Klingking

Only 300 meters from Kelingking Beach, with a trip of about five minutes from your little finger you have arrived at this place.


  • Double bedroom + bathroom
  • AC
  • Terrace
  • Large parking area
  • TV
  • Does not provide wifi

Price: IDR 400,000 Breakfast is included in the price

2. Sentulan Garden

It is 2.1 km from the little beach, with a trip of about 10 minutes from the Kelingking beach you have arrived at this hotel.

Amenities •

  • Room + private bathroom
  • Swimming pool
  • AC
  • Free wifi
  • Tv
  • Room service

Price: start from IDR 285,000 breakfast @IDR 75,000

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