Overnight 3 Days 2 Night

nusa penida tour

Duration :

3 Days

Location :

west, east, south Nusa Penida

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Why do overnight 3-Days 2-Night Tour

The 3-day tour package is the ultimate tour package, you can reach all the beautiful places in Nusa Penida, nothing is missed.
an instant day tour experience is very different from the overnight tour experience.

we will arrange your tour schedule to be more effective and very enjoyable.

we give freedom to customers to choose their own hotel where to stay or we help in tour packages.

Day 1 West Nusa Penida tour

On the first day of the tour, our driver will pick you up at the hotel for those who ask to be picked up or we will meet at the port of Sanur for those who want to go to the port themselves. The first place to visit in the western part of Nusa Penida such as Kelingking, Broken Beach, Angel Billabong and Crystal Bay, and Bonus Paluang Cliff or Tembeling Springs (because there is plenty of time for tourists to stay).

The first day ended with enjoying the sunset at Crystal Beach. On the way to the hotel, our driver will offer to take you to dinner after which you can rest in peace at the hotel, our driver will ask for a pick-up time for the second day, for tourists who want to see the sunrise, they will be picked up in the morning, of course, you have to skip breakfast at the hotel. for tourists who don’t want to hunt sunrise, the driver will pick you up around 8 or 9 am after breakfast.

Day-1 : Nusa Penida West Tour Itinerary
  • 06.30 – Pick up at the hotel (Add Charge depend on your hotel location)
  • 08.00 – Arrive at Sanur Port and go to Nusa Penida by using Speedboat
  • 10.00 – Arrive at Nusa Penida and Start the tour
  • 11.00 – Visit Angel Billabong
  • 11.00 – Visit Broken Beach
  • 13.00 – Visit Kelingking Beach
  • 14.00 – Enjoy Lunch
  • 15.00 – Lunch Finish and continue the tour
  • 16.00 – Visit Crystal Bay
  • 18.30 Go for dinner
  • 19.30 – Go to the hotel in Nusa Penida for overnights
  • 20.30 – Arrive at the hotel and enjoy the stay

Day 2 East Nusa Penida tour

On the second day, visiting the beauty of the eastern part of Nusa Penida, namely Atuh Beach, Diamond Beach, Molenteng Tree House, and Telletubies Hills and if there is enough time our driver will take you to Goa Giri Putri.
3 locations on Atuh beach, diamond beach, and Molenteng treehouse are locations that require you to go down a cliff to be able to step on beach sand, if you have a strong physique you can try all locations but if you get tired easily you must be wise to choose where to go down. or enjoy Atuh beach, diamond and treehouses from above, the view is very beautiful.

Day 2: Bali East Nusa Penida Tour Itinerary
  • 08.00 – Pick up at the hotel in Nusa Penida
  • 09.00 – Visit Atuh Beach
  • 10.30 – Visit Diamond Beach
  • 12.30 – Visit Tree House Molenteng
  • 13.30 – Enjoy Lunch
  • 14.30 – Lunch Finish and continue the tour
  • 15.30 – Visit Telletubies Hill
  • 16.00 – Visit Giri Putri Cave
  • 19.00 – Go for Dinner
  • 20.00 – Arrive at the hotel

Day 3 South Nusa Penida tour

The third day is the time to visit a place that is rarely visited by tourists, not because it is not as good as other spots, it’s just that it is less popular, but the experience provided is no less enjoyable.

the southern part of Nusa Penida is the third day of the day tour. a place where we can swim in the springs of Nusa Penida. Peguyangan springs, Tembeling springs, Seganing springs, and cliffs

Day 2: Bali East Nusa Penida Tour Itinerary
  • 08.00 – Pick up at the hotel in Nusa Penida
  • 09.00 – Visit Peguyangan waterfall
  • 12.30 – Visit Tembeling beach
  • 13.30 – Enjoy Lunch
  • 14.30 – Lunch Finish and continue the tour
  • 15.30 – Visit Banah Cliff
  • 16.00 – Go to nusa penida port
  • 17.00 – Arrive at Nusa Penida port and go to Sanur port by using a speedboat
  • 18.00 – Arrive at Sanur port and go to your hotel in Bali
  • 19.00 – Arrive at the hotel

3 Days and 2 Nights Tour Packages Price :


Price With Hotel :

  • 2 person: IDR 1.700.000/person
  • 3 person: IDR 1.550.000/person
  • 4 person: IDR 1.300.000/person
  • 5 person: IDR 1.250.000/person
  • 6 person: IDR 1.100.000/person

Price Without Hotel :

  • 2 person: IDR 1.300.000/person
  • 3 person: IDR 1.000.000/person
  • 4 person: IDR 850.000/person
  • 5 person: IDR 750.000/person
  • 6 person: IDR 700.000/person

Price With Hotel :

  • 2 person: IDR 1.650.000/person
  • 3 person: IDR 1.500.000/person
  • 4 person: IDR 1.250.000/person
  • 5 person: IDR 1.200.000/person
  • 6 person: IDR 1.050.000/person

Price Without Hotel :

  • 2 person: IDR 1.200.000/person
  • 3 person: IDR 950.000/person
  • 4 person: IDR 800.000/person
  • 5 person: IDR 700.000/person
  • 6 person: IDR 650.000/person


Hotel Transfer Price List
RouteRound Trip (IDR)One Way Trip (IDR)
Ubud - Sanur350.000200.000
Canggu - Sanur350.000200.000
Seminyak - Sanur 300.000175.000
Kuta - Sanur300.000175.000
Air Port - Sanur300.000175.000
Jimbaran - Sanur300.000175.000
Nusa Dua - Sanur350.000200.000
Uluwatu - Sanur350.000200.000

Remarks :

  • For snorkeling contact us we will arrange snorkeling tour during your package
  • The price quote per person for minimum booking 2 person
  • For Single or Solo Traveler will have an additional charge of 50%
  • For booking more than 6 people, please contact us for a special price

Terms Payment

  • Payment is Cash Payment
  • Payment is on the day itself with our driver
  • Payment with other currency will convert based on the daily exchange rate
Nusa Penida 3 Days and 2 Nights Tour Packages Price Included :
  • Comfortable Return Transfer to Port with Private Car (Add Charge)
  • Ticket Return Transfer Speedboat to Nusa Penida
  • Private Car with Good A/C during a tour in Nusa Penida
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Petrol
  • Entrance Fee to all site
  • 2 x Lunch Indonesian Food
  • Mineral Water (1 bottle/person/day)
  • 1 x Breakfast at Hotel (Price with Hotel)
  • Hotel Stay at Nusa Penida for 2 night (Price with Hotel)
  • Hotel facilities: A/C Room, Wi-Fi, Breakfast, TV, Hot Water and Swimming Pool (Price with Hotel)

Area Covered for Pick Up :

Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Pecatu, Sanur, Ubud, Canggu, Denpasar, Benoa Harbour, Airport

  • Please contact us for pick up in the different area


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