Nusa Penida Snorkelling Tour

Duration :

2 - 3 Hours

Location :

Manta Bay, Gamat bay, Crystal Bay

Availability :


Price :


Nusa Penida Snorkelling Tour in the Nusa Penida tour package winch offers water activities that bring you an unforgettable experience. Start from Nusa Penida Harbour with snorkeling boat explore snorkeling and diving sport such us: Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, GT Point, Wall Bay, Mangrove Tour, Manta Point.

To keep guests comfortable all Nusa Penida Snorkeling Tour activities are ensured by high-quality safety equipment and medical insurance.

Best Time for Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida can be done in the morning, afternoon, or evening as long as the sea waves are not too high. tourists can choose to do a land tour first, then in the afternoon they snorkel or snorkel in the morning and then continue with a land tour. from our experience after many times of snorkeling the best time to snorkel is in the morning because:

  • In the morning the seawater tends to be calmer than in the afternoon,
  • Manta rays, which are the prima donna of Manta Bay snorkeling spots, have the opportunity to surface more often in the morning when the seawater is calm.
  • The color of coral reefs and seawater when diving is more beautiful in the morning when the morning sun enters the seawater than the afternoon sun which is more beautiful for sunset views
What do you get for snorkeling?
  • Swim and take a picture with Mata Rays
  • Swim with hundred colorful small fish
  • Amazing underwater view

There two choices for Nusa Penida Snorkeling Tour, Full Snorkeling Package, and half Snorkeling Package.

Full Snorkeling Package, mean you take all spots for snorkeling, such us: Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, GT Point, Wall Bay, and Mangrove Tour.

Half Snorkeling Package is you visit 3 spots such us: Manta Bay, Gamat Bay, Crystal bay. The Half Snorkeling Package, you can combine with West Nusa Penida Tour in One Day Tour

Half Snorkeling Package

This program took 2 hours to visit 3 snorkeling spots.

  • Visit Manta Bay
  • Visit Gamat Bay
  • Visit Crystal Bay
Half Snorkeling Package Price

Private Boat

  • IDR 350.000/Person for 2 Person
  • IDR 250.000/Person for 3 Person
  • IDR 200.000/Person for 4 Person
  • IDR 150.000/Person for 5-6 Person


Sharing Boat

  • IDR 150.000/Person


Regular Package, we just serve for Half Nusa Penida snorkeling Package, if you interest full Nusa Penida Snorkeling Tour please contact us for a special price and arrange a time.

Note: price on this Package is for half Snorkeling Package is add price with Nusa Penida West Tour because the tour is combined with each other.


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