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Diamond Beach

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Diamond Beach is a beach located in the Atuh hill area. This area has 2 beaches, namely Diamond beach and Atuh beach which are separated by Atuh cliffs. The name Diamond beach is taken from a large Diamond-shaped stone and is used as the name of the beach.

Diamond beach is a very worthy beach to visit, it has stunningly beautiful views also has soft white sand as a great place to complete your holiday. In addition, when the seawater recedes you will see many rock holes that are formed like small ponds, suitable as a place to soak and even as a good photo angel.

Don’t swim when the waves are very big, a typical beach will walk slowly into the middle of the sea, it’s very uncertain to swim when the waves on the Diamond beach are high.

How to get to the Diamond beach

Located on the island of Nusa Penida in the Pelilit hamlet, Pejukutan village, Nusa Penida sub-district, of course, you have to cross the island of Nusa Penida through the ports of Sanur, Kusamba, and Padang Bay.

Travel route to the Diamond beach

  • From Banjar Nyuh port and Toyapakeh port, it takes 1-hour drive to get to the diamond beach
  • From the Sampalan port, it takes 40 minutes to reach the diamond beach.

The condition of the road to the diamond beach is quite good.

The local government is very concerned about the development of this developing tourist area. Can be accessed by motorbike or by car for tour groups of more than 2 people. A few steps from the parking lot, you will arrive at the top of the cliff and see an amazing view of Diamond beach. Come here and you will know the beauty of this beach.

Things to do in Diamond beach


almost everyone who visits tourist attractions takes photos to capture the moment at tourist attractions, diamond beach is a very worthy place to take pictures. Your photo will have a beautiful beach background, with cliffs and large rocks, and clear blue seawater. There are several places that become my favorite points in taking pictures. on the cliff, on the steps down to the Diamond beach, and below on the beach, there are several photo spots including swings and artificial bird nests.


Before 2018, tourists could only enjoy the diamond beach from above, there was no road access to the beach sand unless you took a boat to diamond beach sand. In early 2018, a road was made from cutting the cliffs to the beach. Slightly steep stairs with wooden safety and ropes.

Unlike the road to the pinky beach, the stairs here are less than a hundred steps not so challenging for people who want to enjoy trekking adventures, but if you are not in a fit condition it will be enough to make you tired. Some tourists choose to stay above when they see the stairs which are steep, but more choose to go down.

Swing and birds nest photo

Under the cliff there are 2 adjacent coconut trees, the beach manager uses it by making a big swing which when you swing you feel thrown into the middle of the sea, try it when you visit here and feel the sensation.

Besides the swing, a large bird’s nest is also made for tourists to take photos there. Tourists pay IDR 100,000 per person to be able to use swing and bird nest photos, a price that is cheap when compared to swing prices in Ubud Bali.

Swim and sunbathe

Before swimming, you must pay attention to the condition of the waves and your ability to swim, this beach has a lot of rocks if the waves are big it is likely that when the waves roll you will be hit by rocks, especially there is no beach safety here. When the seawater is calm, everything will be easier and more fun. To sunbathe here, you have to bring a towel because there are no chairs here.

Tips for visiting Diamond beach

  • Wear comfortable shoes, the tourist spots here require you to walk a lot.
  • Bring an umbrella or wear a hat, also use sunblock and clothes that absorb sweat during the hot and scorching sun.
  • Bring food supplies in this tourist area, there is no restaurant, only a few small food stalls.

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