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Crystal Bay

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Nusa Penida is an island that is identical to an island that has many beautiful beaches. One of them is Crystal Bay Nusa Penida. The small cove is located northwest of the island.

This beach has gray sand, and there are hundreds of palm trees

The sand is gray, there are spots for fishing, great for snorkeling because the underwater panorama is amazing.

A small island in the middle of the bay adds to the nice view here.


Crystal Bay Location

Just type “Crystal bay” on your google maps then you will be directed right away if you are adventuring by yourself or if you are taking part in a tour package there is already a driver who brings you here.

This area is quite easy to access because it is only 15 kilometers from the port of Nusa Penida. With a mileage of about 15 to 20 minutes. Can be accessed by motorbike or car.

The road conditions are good, everything is well paved. the journey here is not hot because along the way you will see rows of coconut trees that protect you from the sun.

Be careful that the road near Crystal Beach is a bit steep and narrow to pass by, especially for those of you who are not very good at using scooters.

Here is a traffic jam during the high season, because almost a thousand people visit Nusa Penida in a day.


Unlike most beaches in Nusa Penida which have steep and difficult terrain to reach, Crystal Bay is an easy beach to visit. from the car park, it only takes a few meters to get to the shoreline.
Some things that can be done here are:


nusa penida snorkeling

There are two types of snorkeling here, namely snorkeling by the sea and snorkeling in the middle of the sea. To get snorkeling equipment, you only need to rent it at the snorkeling counter, there are already people who rent it out.
for snorkeling by the sea, you only need to rent a snorkel and swimming goggles at a price of IDR 75,000 per person, if you need a guide to do snorkeling you need to pay IDR 75,000.
Snorkel in the middle of the sea you have to join a snorkeling tour using a boat at a price of IDR 150,000 per person including snorkeling equipment. You will be invited to snorkel for approximately 1 hour after which you will be dropped off at the beach.

The underwater scenery of Crystal Bay is very beautiful, here is one of the favorite spots for diving and snorkeling. Spot diving to see moonfish is here. You will get a combination of sea coral and colorful small fish when you do snorkeling, some tourists say that snorkeling here is like entering an aquarium. Don’t forget the time while enjoying the beauty of the amazing underwater panorama of Crystal Bay.

Swimming and sunbathing

Come here with family or friends, enjoy togetherness by swimming and sunbathing on crystal beach is a very pleasant and unforgettable experience. Before swimming, make sure that the sea waves are calm so that nothing bad happens. when the waves are big it is not good to swim here because the typical seawater on this beach drags swimmers into the middle of the sea. so if you are not a good swimmer make sure the seawater is calm when swimming. and also when the seawater is calm you can see beautiful marine life under the water. After swimming, you can wash in a stream of fresh water that flows from a spring to the sea or take a bath in a bathroom which is available but you have to pay IDR 5,000.

This beach manager has provided dozens of chairs and umbrellas where tourists can relax and enjoy this beach. The price of renting a chair is IDR 50,000 – 100,000 you can stay as long as you want. Or if you don’t want to pay for it, you just put a towel on the beach sand and you lie there only you will be hot. a few more things you need to spend IDR 25,000 for young coconut or small Bintang beer and IDR 50,000 for big Bintang beer to complete your holiday.

Take picture

If you want to take pictures, there are many photo spots here, with the background a small island in the middle of the Crystal bay sea, amazing sunsets, under the thick coconut trees, underwater photos while snorkeling. You will not be disappointed with the photos that you get.


Next to Crystal Beach, there is another beach called Pandan Beach. These two beaches are separated by a large cliff. If Crystal Bay is always crowded with visitors, it’s different from Pandan Beach, if you go there, you may only meet a few people. because access to pandan beach is difficult and only a few people know the existence of this beach.
To reach Pandan Beach, you have to walk from Crystal Beach up the cliff and down again to Pandan Beach with a distance of 10-15 minutes. the sand is white and soft when you get here you will feel like you have a private beach.
after you finish you have to go back up and down the cliff to crystal beach to go home.


In the morning Crystal Bay is crowded with boats that are snorkeling, dozens of boats park there serving tourists who are doing snorkeling and diving.
Sitting on the sand in the morning is no less pleasant, the sunlight entering through the thick coconut leaves provides a warm atmosphere.
In the afternoon this beach is crowded with tourists who are waiting for the sunset moment. not a few tourists turn on the music to make a small party on the beach.

Crystal bay or Crystal Beach is the last spot visited by tourists on the Nusa Penida West Tour.

Why here?

Nusa Penida West Tour or Nusa Penida Combine Tour starts from morning to afternoon is passed by tourists at Broken BeachAngel Billabong, and Kelingking Beach. As we know, the field for the spot is rather extreme, it takes extra energy, energy to enjoy the spot. So to unwind, crystal beach is perfect. Very easy access to crystal beach makes this a great place to rest. Tourists only need to walk a few steps from the car or motorcycle parking lot, arriving at the beach sand. This place is also commercial so there are many drinks or food sellers, also available rental umbrellas and chairs for resting. It’s just not well organized until it looks chaotic. Understandably for a newly developing tourist area.

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