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Broken Beach Nusa Penida

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The name broken beach is taken from the translation of the local name “pasih uug” which means the ocean is damaged or the beach is damaged.

Based on the folklore of Nusa Penida, the location of Broken Beach used to be a village filled with residents, how is it like a residential area. Because some residents mistakenly preyed on the magic snake, all villages were cursed and the village was sunk to the bottom of the sea and formed the broken beach like today. That’s the story that underlies the name and shape of the broken beach according to the story.

The name does not describe the condition of a broken beach. In fact, the situation of a broken beach does not describe the current damaged sea, but a beach with the beauty of a giant hole filled with clear seawater. The cliff of the broken beach has a height of about 70 meters and there is a small beach here.
For now, there is no way down to reach the small beach, visitors can only enjoy its beauty from above. If you insist on reaching the beach, you can rent a boat and come to the broken beach by the sea. Boats can enter through the broken beach gate, a hole that connects the broken beach with the open ocean.

How to get to the broken beach

The broken beach is located in the western part of Nusa Penida, the first thing you have to do is cross to the island of Nusa Penida from the port of Sanur, Kusamba, or Padang Bay. In the ports of Sanur and Kusamba, you will take a fast boat while in Padang Bay you will cross by a large ship called a RORO ship.

From the port of Nusa Penida, tourists can reach Broken Beach by motorbike or by car. After traveling for about 40 minutes you will arrive at the broken beach area. The vehicle parking lot is located in the angel billabong area, so when tourists walk to the broken beach they will pass the angel billabong tourist spot. Broken Beach and Angel Billabong are in the same area only about 100 meters from each other.

The highway to broken beach is good, since the end of 2019 all roads are well paved. Only about 500 meters from the last road to the parking lot which has not been paved but the road conditions are quite good. The steep downhill road is made of concrete by the tourist site manager so as not to endanger visitors. For motorbike parking tickets at the broken beach is IDR 5000 per motorbike and IDR 10,000 per car for cars.

If you snorkel in Manta Bay, you will also see a Broken beach from the sea. Manta Bay is a snorkeling area to see the eye rays of the fish. Manta Bay itself is located in the sea area of ​​​​Broken Beach, which is when in the season there are many manta rays appearing in the sea waters. So many tourists can also see manta rays from the cliffs of Broken beaches.

What can be done at the Broken Beach


The scenery at the Broken beach is amazing, making this tourist spot an area for photo tours for visitors who want to take photos with beautiful broken beach coral backgrounds. There are lots of photo spots here for visitors, even local residents have prepared a special bench that can be used to help get the best picture.
All sides of the cliff of the broken beach can be used to get pictures, depending on your taste and your expertise in the art of photography. Some tourists will fly drones here to take pictures from the far side to get photos of the giant hole of the broken beach.

Watch a snorkeling tour and manta rays

The broken beach sea is the Manta Bay area, an area where many manta rays appear here. When the season is usually in the morning manta rays appear on the northwest side of the broken beach or can even enter the sea in a broken beach hole.

The west side is a place to watch dozens of boats doing snorkeling activities, tourists can see them swimming and chasing manta rays.
For now, there is no way down to the beach, maybe one day away down will be made and tourists can go down to the beach sand, it will be more exciting to enjoy a tour at the broken beach.

Best time to visit the broken beach.

Visit in the morning or evening, because during the day in this area it is scorching hot especially during the dry season. In the morning the atmosphere is calmer and doesn’t make you tired easily because during the afternoon you will be tired of walking along the broken beach area. The afternoon is the best time, you can see a beautiful sunset here. Many famous photographers are waiting for the sunset here to capture the amazing sunset moment.


Most frequent questions and answers

Broken beach is a tourist place that requires you to walk so wear comfortable shoes, glasses, sunblock, hats so you can take shelter from the scorching sun

For now can’t, currently there is no access to reach the beach and sea water.

There are villa angel billabong and villa broken beach.

There are many restaurants and shelters on the broken beach, there are also trees in the tourist area that can be used for shelter.

The toilet is made by local people and to use it you have to pay IDR 5000.

No snorkelling can only be done from the port of Banjar Nyuh or from Crystal Beach.

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