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Angel Billabong

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Angel billabong is a small lagoon, a dead-end river, and a natural swimming pool formed from the rock on a small cliff on the island of Nusa Penida Barat. The waves that continue to roll fill the water in this pool. If you come here for the first time, you will be amazed by the beauty of this lagoon. The water is clear, tempting the feet to go down and touch the water.

When the pool water is calm you will be able to see the color of the coral green Tosca and there are several small fish swimming at the bottom of the pool. When high tide, this place is no longer friendly, big sea waves will be able to drag anything towards the sea, so stay away from here at high tide.

Another unique thing that is around the Angel Billabong area is that the rocks here are similar to the rocks of the volcanic area, in fact, on the island of Nusa Penida, there is no volcano. The texture of the stone is rather sharp, it can make skin wounds if the stone is scratched.

How to get to angel billabong

The first thing you have to do is cross to Nusa Penida from the island of Bali. The distance to Angel Billabong from Nusa Penida Harbor is about 40 minutes. Angel billabong itself is in the same area as a broken beach, so you get 2 tourist attractions at once when you visit here. Angel billabongs are close to broken beaches about 100 meters from each other.

Tourists can come here by motorbike or car with relatively good road access. For motorbike parking, tourists pay IDR 5000 and for cars IDR 10,000. just pay once and you get 2 tourist spots, namely angel billabong, and broken beach.

Things to do in angel billabong

Take a photo

The first time you arrive at angel billabong, you and your friends will take your camera and take pictures. Either a landscape picture or your picture with a view of the angel billabong pool as a background. Each type of visitor has different characteristics, some are enough to take one photo, some can take more than an hour to take various kinds of photos. While the good photo spots in angel billabong are only a few points, so you have to be prepared to queue for your turn to be able to get the best moments for your pictures.


Although the angel billabong pool is small enough to be used for swimming, if it is too crowded dozens of people go down to the pool to eat it is difficult to swim. Another requirement to be able to swim in angel billabong is that the seawater is receding because at high tide it is very dangerous to be in the angel billabong pool area.

Don’t come to angel billabong during the rainy season because the rainwater that flows into the sea carries mud and settles in this lagoon, the beauty of the angel billabong pool is immediately covered in mud making the water dirty and cloudy. Let alone for swimming, as a photo background is not feasible.

Best time to visit angel billabong

There is no specific best time to visit angel billabong. anytime is good here as long as the moment is right, it’s not high tide and not rainy season. For example at night the day, it rains and the seawater recedes, the angel billabong pool water will be cloudy because the only thing that can clean the pool water is big sea waves before there are big sea waves, the angel billabong pool water will remain dirty and cloudy If the waves continue to be large, visitors cannot go down to the pool and the clear pool cannot be seen because it is constantly covered with sea wave foam.


  • What time is the best month to visit angel billabong?
  • The summers are March to June and September and October
  • How safe is swimming in angel billabong?
  • When the seawater really recedes, no waves rise to the pool
  • Is there someone on duty as security?
  • Yes, they will close access to the pool if the pool situation is dangerous


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