Tembeling Nusa Penida

Tembeling rain forest

Why is the name better known as the Tembeling rain forest, not Tembeling beach?

Although Tembeling is a beached sea, people are more familiar with the Tembeling rainforest, not Tembeling beach.


Because the beach here is narrow and less conspicuous, what is good about this place is the natural swimming pool, natural springs, and the cool atmosphere produced by the plants that are here.

Like other places in general in Nusa Penida, the composition of this place is the same.

Towering cliffs, sea, beach.

Additional here is a spring and a swimming pool.

This place is my favorite because in other places it feels very hot during the day when it is always cool here all the time.

Tembeling location

Southside of Nusa Penida, to be precise in Batumadeg Village, Nusa Penida District.

It is 40 kilometers from the port of Nusa Penida Banjar Nyuh or 15 kilometers from Kelingking Beach. Able accessed by motorbike.

Meanwhile, if you use a car on Nusa Penida Tour, you must park in a parking lot that is more than 1 kilometer from the location.

Even if you use a motorbike, you don’t immediately get to the pool location, you have to walk down a few meters of stairs.

If you use a car in the parking lot, there are several local people who provide motorcycle taxi services.

They are ready to take you to the location. For a fee of IDR 50,000 for a return trip.

What’s in Tembeling

Water Spring

the northern cliffs naturally emit water continuously, even though it is not far from the sea, the taste of this water is very fresh.

You can drink it right away.

In the past, before the Peguyangan spring was distributed to people’s homes, during the dry season the people of several villages who lived around flocked to come here to get air for drinking water, bathing, cooking, and roaming.

Natural swimming pool

Tembeling spring is accommodated in a puddle with a diameter of 5 meters and a depth of 10 meters, the water is blue and very fresh when swimming here.

There are two natural pools in Tembeling, one large pool for men and one small pool for women.

Recently, I have seen that visitors can swim anywhere, regardless of gender.


Besides having the wealth of Tembeling Springs, you can also find a temple that is located next to each other.

The temple is named Pancuhan Tembeling Temple.

Apart from this temple, there are also 3 other temples that have different functions, namely the Ratu Kanjeng Temple, Batu Bolong Temple, and Panca Gangga Temple.

These temples are regularly visited by Hindus living around Nusa Penida. Usually, their arrival is done every six months.

Tembeling Springs, which are the main tourist attraction, also represent a holy spring which is part of the prayer ceremony held in the temple area.


Maybe this is the most unique beach in Nusa Penida.

I don’t know who started it, the sea rocks on the sand are piled from a large one to a cone above.

Stacks like this are numerous, making for an interesting sight.

If you come here don’t forget to make your own cone, maybe when you come back you will find yours.

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