Suwehan Beach Nusa Penida

Suwehan beach attractions.

Typical beaches in western and southern Nusa Penida with their natural conditions in the form of hills and surrounded by the sea,

indeed the natural scenery of the beach is dominated by steep white hills with a background of blue seawater, so sometimes this beautiful place is only enjoyed from a distance.


the natural nuances of Suwehan beach offer many advantages,

in addition to cliff views that blend beautifully with the natural sea, on Suwehan beach it also offers the beauty of a clean white sand beach along 400 meters,

this beach is hidden behind a cliff, so visitors can relax on the white sand and swim on the beach.

To enjoy it requires extra effort, climbing steep and steep paths.

Suwehan beach location

The position or location of this Suwehan beach is on the southeast side of Nusa Penida Island.

Precisely in Banjar Watas, Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida District, Kab. Klungkung – Bali.

There are some port or pier entrances from Bali to Nusa Penida.

The mode of public transportation used is the Roro ship from the port of Padangbai,

but if you want faster access,

you can use a speed boat or fast boat from the Sanur, Kusamba, or Pesinggahan beach jetty near Goa Lawah.

Suwehan beach is about 5 km from Diamond beach, in the direction of the Teletubbies Hill tourist attraction.

The journey to Suwehan

From the Buyuk pier in Nusa Penida, you can rent a motorbike or you can rent a car to continue the journey, through Tanglad village about a 1-hour drive to the parking lot, visitors must continue the journey again about 300 meters through a narrow and quite steep path.

On the top of the cliff stands the “Puseh Suwehan temple”, the place to start the journey, a trip down this cliff needs to be careful because there are no artificial stairs, only relying on and following the existing tracks.

So prepare your stamina and mental well, if you are afraid of heights you need to think again about visiting here.

During your trip, you will meet a source of freshwater, water which is the source of life for local residents, especially during the dry season.

There are at least 9 water sources that are buried, so you are not allowed to take a shower, including washing your feet here, as well as polite clothes.

If you want to clean your body, there is already a separate bath. Access to Suwehan beach is quite extreme and steep, for lovers of adventure nature tourism it will certainly be a fun recreation.

Indeed, finding something of value requires sacrifice, and ultimately your efforts will pay off even when you are at the location.

Suwehan beach condition

Due to the difficulty of access to Suwehan beach, the lack of visitors is understandable, because the terrain to get to the location is quite difficult, and far from the center of tourism,

but if later the development of tourism in Nusa Penida can grow well, then I believe that Suwehan beach will become a popular tourist destination.

Suwehan beach tourism object is hidden behind a cliff, under a steep cliff, so access to the location is quite difficult, so it requires a fit and extra effort.

However, information seems to be available without limits, there is not one hidden place where the information cannot be accessed, the development of internet technology makes it easy for everyone to easily access and disseminate information in a matter of seconds.

Including Suwehan beach, maybe the information was hard to get, after the trend of using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

people who visit this beach accidentally promote and disseminate information on tourist attractions in Nusa Penida more quickly.

The natural feel of this Suwehan beach attraction is beautiful, beautiful, and still a virgin, the location is hidden and secluded away from the hustle and bustle of humans so that those who visit seem to have a private beach with maximum privacy.

Indeed, this Suwehan beach has not had so many visitors, even though its spectacular beauty can be compared with other top destinations in Bali.

The attraction of Suwehan beach

In Nusa Penida Each tourist attraction certainly has its own uniqueness and charm, as well as the beauty offered by Suwehan beach attractions, ready to give you valuable and special experience.

The beaches in Nusa Penida do indeed offer a combination of sea views and beautiful cliffs and small hills in the middle of the beach, like what is served by Suwehan beach, a large, sharp rock standing upright in the middle of the beach.

This large rock is known as the name “Batu Jineng” is an interesting sight that is typical of this tourist attraction.

This place is becoming an iconic new tourist destination today and will become popular in the future. Suwehan Beach, adds to the long list of tourist attractions in Bali and Nusa Penida in particular.

This beach offers a very harmonious blend of nature that you can rarely find in other places, beautiful views of the unspoiled white sand beach, hidden behind steep cliffs, and Jineng Stone which stands upright, shaped like the famous Volcom brand, Batu.

Jineng is the hallmark and icon of this place.

Every corner offers beauty, making every visitor amazed, so if you are planning a sightseeing tour in Nusa Penida then the tourist attraction known as Volcom Beach (Volcom beach) is a pity to miss.

On vacation to enjoy the calm and refreshing feeling of the cool mountain air and sea is a natural therapy that is much sought after by people,

even at Suwehan beach attractions besides being able to relax on the white sand or take shelter under cliff overdrafts,

visitors can also take a shower feeling the freshness seawater,

of course by paying attention to the waves of seawater, because at any time it could be dangerous.

For those who like selfies, this beach attraction is a prime destination, especially for those with an adventurous spirit, so access to the location is a small challenge full of fun.

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