Snorkeling at nusa penida

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Snorkeling tour
nusa penida has lots of spots for snorkeling. manta bay, you can swim with famous manta rays to reach five meters, GT point to see bigs fish, gamat bay, wall bay, crystal bay with coral and small colorful fish, budha statue and another one which is home manta rays is a manta point. Manta point is an alternative to see more manta or if you do not find manta rays in manta bay you can find it in manta point, but the cost is certainly more because its location is far away.
if you allocate one day for snorkeling, you can go to all the available snorkeling spots, but if you want to take a Snorkel and land trip in one day, you can only choose 3 spots, manta bay, gamat bay and crystal bay.
a good time for snorkeling is morning and evening, because at that hour the water is calm and your snorkling can be fun.
before starting snorkeling, you can check the weather penida nusa on the internet at night and you can decide to snorkeling morning or evening. You can also ask the tour guide that you hire, because they have experience for it.

have a nice holiday.

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