Nusa Penida Snorkeling Tour

Snorkelling tour Nusa Penida

“Enjoy The Blue Paradise” is our government tagline for Nusa Penida. Part of the famous coral triangle, Nusa Penida water sport has some of the best coral reefs, marine life, colourful tropical fishes and warm water. The snorkelling tour nusa penida and diving off Nusa Penida is world renown as it is home to some of the most diverse corals and tropical fishes on the planet, it is commonly referred to as “the amazon of the sea.”

With a huge variety of tropical fish and corals, snorkelling in Nusa Penida is a “must do” activity. More than 250 species of fish have been recorded during the recent survey by our marine biologist. Snorkelling & diving in Nusa Penida is an experience to be treasured and remembered!

Best time for snorkelling in nusa penida
snorkelling in nusa penida, you can choose at the morning before land tour or at afternoon after land tour, we recomend you do snorkelling at morning because probability to see manta rays is bigger than afternoon. snorkelling 4 spots need about 2 hours.

snorkelling tour nusa penida
manta bay nusa penida

morning snorkelling from 9.00 am until 11.00 am and then land tour

afternoon snorkelling from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm

don’t forget to bring gopro camera to filming your activity in the water

when you have plenty of time for snorkelling, we recommend for e-mail 6 places, 1 hour maximum estimate for one place.

Crystal Bay
Manta bay. (it’s different with manta point, manta point is place with different price and take different time?)
Gamat bay
Budha Statue
wall bay
GT point
The snorkelling tour nusa penida include:

A supervisor guide to keep you safe
private boat for snorkelling in nusa penida
We provide full equipment
Price full spot snorkelling in nusa penida:

from bali island
only snorkelling in nusa penida

IDR 1200K,-/Pax
(minimum 2 Pax)
For booking more
than two people,
IDR 1050k, -/Pax

include :

speed boat ticket go and return
snorkelling in nusa penida (equipment and instructor)
pick up and drop service from speed boat to snorkelling place
from nusa penida
in case you already stay on some hotel in nusa penida island. you just need pick up and drop service from hotel to the snorkelling start point, and snorkelling tour.

price for 3 spot nusa penida snorkelling tour

400k per person min 2 pax
300k per person min 3 pax
200k per person min 5 pax
meeting point at snorkelling place, add charge for pick up and drop servis from hotel

for the nusa penida snorkelling coupled with the land tour, we recommend only 2 or 3 places, manta bay, crystal bay, and GT point or wall bay. because much time is needed for the land tour. itenerary : at 9 o’clock down from sanur boats then to the place of snorkelling, after 3 penny place around 11.00 or 11.30 we start land tour until 4.30 go back to sanur with past boat.

Price half spot nusa penida senorkling:
this price is snorkelling plus one day trip nusa penida, its means the price is add charge with day trip package that you book.

IDR 400K,-/Pax
(minimum 2 Pax)
For booking more
than two people,
IDR 300k, -/Pax

NB : Things to prepare
advised to wear shoes but wearing flip-flops is also okay
change clothes
sun block cream
for swimming or senorkling activities
gopro camera or phone waterproof casing



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