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Tour Nusa Penida

Where can you sail to a pristine island and go around enjoying the beauty of land and sea at affordable prices in Bali?

That place is on the islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. A paradise island with beautiful views, in addition, gorgeous white sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters is a part of Bali, which is only 30 minutes connecting the sea from Bali. During the trip, you’ll feel the sensation of traveling by fast boat in the sea.

Even though every inch of Bali’s popular beaches are often overcrowded with tourists, these tropical islands that are relatively rarely touched guarantee more privacy with awesome Sceneries and even more open nature and landscapes.

Get ready to explore a little more rugged. Depart with a fast boat that is ready to take you to Nusa Penida, snorkel in clear water, enchanting underwater scenery, and see the famous Kelingking beach or the other Nusa Penida amazing beaches!

With this guide, you will see the ins and outs of the Nusa Penida Islands when to visit, how to get there, visit a tour company, where to eat and stay, and what to do!

Now a Golden egg paradise with dramatic views is a travel dream come true!

How to go to Nusa Penida from Bali

Nusa Penida Tour maps

Firstly Getting to Sanur

1. Rent Private Car to Sanur

If you book a tour package with a tour operator like us, then your journey from the hotel to Sanur is our responsibility to go back and forth. Don’t forget to ask the hotel tour operator for private or sharing transfers, so you don’t get surprised on the day of the day.

Rent a car plus a driver from the hotel to Sanur Here is the price breakdown.

Hotel Transfer Price

Route Round Trip (IDR) One Way (IDR)
Ubud-Sanur 400.000 250.000
Canggu-Sanur 400.000 250.000
Seminyak-Sanur 350.000 200.000
Air port-Sanur 350.000 200.000
Jimbaran-Sanur 350.000 200.000
Nusa dua-Sanur 400.000 250.000
Uluwatu-Sanur 400.000 250.000
Kuta-Sanur 350.000 200.000

2. Online transportation

The cheapest way to Sanur is to use online transportation such as Go-Jek, Grab-Bike, Go-Car, and Grab-Car. The price for a bike between IDR 10.000 – IDR 50.000 and for a car about IDR 50.000 – 100.000.

But after the tour when returning back from Sanur to the hotel, online transportation is prohibited from entering the port area Therefore you have to walk a little out of the Sanur port.

Another way is to rent a motorbike. If you ride a motorbike well, you can rent it at a motorbike rental place. Many are there in the Bali area for around IDR 50,000 for one day.

Secondly Getting Nusa Penida Island

Currently, the most used Sanur Port for Nusa Penida Tours.

The port of arrival in Nusa Penida varies according to the boat company that is using. there is Banjar Nyuh port, Buyuk port, Kutampi port, Sampalan port.

Why is the Sanur port most used?

Because of its location closest to the area where the hotel most Tourist stays. Such as Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud.

Sanur to Nusa Penida

Sanur port is a port that is also a tourist spot,

so don’t be surprised if you will be jostling with other people.

Because Sanur is indeed crowded with people every day.

1. Looking for boat tickets
How to get boat tickets to Nusa Penida
Buy online You can order online,

many tour operators serve to purchase boat tickets online. Or order a tour package that includes a fast boat ticket, then automatically you don’t need to think about boat tickets because they are handled by the tour operator.

By buying boat tickets online, you can even prepare a ticket before arriving at the Sanur port. Boat ticket prices are certainly cheaper than public ticket prices because tour operators already have cooperation and agreements with boat companies.

Buy on the spot

If you don’t have time to order tickets online, you can buy tickets on-site.

When you arrive in Sanur, there will be a group of ticket agents called Optasal who will direct you according to the boat destination you need.

Or you can go straight to the boat ticket counter to buy boat tickets. Bargain when they give a price because the price they offer is a published price.

2. Boat ticket prices

Prices that apply to visitors who buy tickets on the spot at Sanur are public prices,

Published ticket price:

  • Overseas: IDR 150.000 – 175,000 one way
  • Domestic: IDR 90.000 – 100.000 one way

Prices depend on the policies of each boat company.

Melali Nusa Penida offer special price for booking Online with us

  • Overseas: IDR 125.000 one way
  • Domestic: IDR 85.000 one way

Advantages Online booking ticket:

  1. Cheaper
  2. easier because all handled by our staff
  3. Good for high season, you will not run out of boat tickets because you have booked beforehand.

3. Time the boat leaves

Each boat has a departure schedule that has been arranged by the harbormaster with the boat association agreement.

Check the departure time for Nusa Penida Fast Boat.

After confirming the boat departure time, at intervals, you can take a walk in the Sanur port area to find bread and drinks.

There are lots of food vendors in the Sanur port area.

 Fyi: here is one money changer at the port of Sanur. 

Nusa Penida day trip itinerary

Hotel to the port of Sanur

From the hotel to Sanur harbor, for customers who buy packages include, we will pick up guests from the hotel to Sanur harbor.

Guests can also choose to arrange their own arrival at Sanur Harbor.

Our staff will be waiting in Sanur to collect tickets, our staff will contact guests when they arrive in Sanur.

Sanur to Nusa Penida

From Sanur to Nusa Penida, it is done by a fast boat with a capacity of 80 to 120 people.

The trip takes about 40 minutes, customers can choose to buy tickets themselves or trust us to buy tickets.

Of course, our prices are cheaper because we already have a cooperation contract with the boat owner.

Our staff will make sure guests get on the right boat and not be confused with other boats, because there are more than 10 boat companies in Sanur Harbor.

That will confuse guests, with almost the same departure time and different arrival places.

Nusa Penida Harbor Arrival

How to find your driver? After getting off the fast boat, the sight that you will find in dozens of drivers holding papers containing the names of guests who are waiting for the guests that will they handle during the tours in Nusa Penida.

Find your name and ask the driver which company they work for, if all the information is correct then he is the driver who will accompany you during the tour in Nusa Penida.

The staff in Sanur has informed the driver in Nusa Penida about the details of the name of the guest, the boat that brought the guest, and the boat departure time.

So guests don’t have to worry about pick-up errors in Nusa Penida. Trip in Nusa Penida After meeting with the driver, they confirm guest tickets to the boat counter for departure time back to Sanur in the afternoon.

They invite guests to the car, open the door, provide mineral water, and the journey to the tour spot begins, according to the tour package we chose. There are west tour, east tour, combine tour, combine with snorkeling.

At Nusa Penida Tour Spots

Arriving at the location, firstly the driver invites guests to walk to the tourist spot from the parking lot, further they also help guests take photos, remind guests of tour times so they don’t miss other spots.

Around 13:00 pm the driver invites guests to the restaurant for lunch.

Our package services usually include lunch, otherwise, the driver will tell the waiter that the guest pays himself. Tell them if you have something special about the food, for example, you are vegetarian or have allergies to certain types of food

After lunch, the driver continues to the next spot, until the end takes the guest back to the port “for a one day trip”, or takes him to the hotel “for the overnight tour”.

The driver confirms the departure ticket and also provides information to the driver in Sanur about the fast boat and departure time from Nusa Penida.

Sanur to the hotel

Drivers in Sanur are waiting for the arrival of guests, and are ready to take guests to the hotel the guest is going to, guests arriving at the hotel bringing an unforgettable experience from Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida Snorkeling Tour

nusa penida snorkeling

It feels not complete if you visit Nusa Penida but don’t try the underwater beauty of Nusa Penida Island.

More than 5 snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida. It takes about 4 hours to visit all the snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida also has two kinds of Snorkeling tours, that’s is Private snorkeling and sharing snorkeling.

The half snorkeling tour able to combine the Nusa Penida tour. take 3 spots to start snorkeling in the 9:00 Am until 11:00 Am, and then land tour Nusa Penida.

The snorkeling process is much easier than diving Therefore much faster than the time it takes to dive

The Snorkeling Route

There are 3 initial starts for snorkeling, namely:

  • Toya Pakeh port
  • Banjar Nyuh port
  • Crystal beach

At 8:00 am, visitors take a boat at the port to the snorkeling spot.

Half Snorkeling 2 (hours) Full Snorkeling (4 Hours)
Manta Bay Manta Bay
Gamat Bay Gamat Bay
Crystal Bay Crystal Bay
  Wall Bay
  GT Point
Private snorkeling Sharing snorkeling
pros cons pros cons
Time and itinerary by you more expensive Cheaper Sharing boat 15 person boat capacity
Private boat Booking before Available daily Time and itinerary by boat
      Waiting to time each other

Snorkeling Tour price

The price for snorkeling in Nusa Penida is for sharing snorkeling tours is IDR 150,000 per person.

While for a private snorkeling tour it depends on the number of people participating in one group.

Person Price per Person (IDR) Total Price (IDR)
2 350.000 700.000
3 250.000 750.000
4 200.000 800.000
5 175.000 875.000
6 150.000 900.000

Melali Nusa Penida Tour

On our site, you can find numerous Nusa Penida tour packages that are available to suit a variety of tastes.

The Bestseller Nusa Penida tour package is the Nusa Penida day trip. This is for tourists who do not have much time because of the routine that waits.

With the limited time, you still can visit some amazing places on Nusa Penida island. First, read this for detail of the itinerary about a day trip. 

We also serve snorkeling tours, overnight tours in Nusa Penida with or without a hotel. 

nusa penida tour

There are also a number of different options for each tour, with the possibility of adding accommodation, food, and transportation.

Book your Nusa Penida tour and Travel with us at, reasonable price, best service.

Most important is is a tour operator who has a strong connection in serving a trip on this island.

we organize land tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, accommodation.
we serve a tour according to tourist needs.

our vision is to be able to make customers satisfied by providing exclusive services and at an affordable price or we always provide alternative travel options to suit your taste.

Choose one that you need

Nusa Penida tour price

So if we order Nusa Penida the tour cost is :

Hotel transfer price
Route Round Trip (IDR)/Car One Way (IDR)/Car
Ubud-Sanur 400.000 250.000
Canggu-Sanur 400.000 250.000
Seminyak-Sanur 350.000 200.000
Air port-Sanur 350.000 200.000
Jimbaran-Sanur 350.000 200.000
Nusa dua-Sanur 400.000 250.000
Uluwatu-Sanur 400.000 250.000
Kuta-Sanur 350.000 200.000

Boat transfer price
  • Overseas: IDR 125.000 per Person one way
  • Domestic: IDR 85.000 per Person one way

Retribution IDR 25.000 per Person

Private car, driver and tour guide IDR 600.000 per Car

Lunch package IDR 50.000 per Person

From each fee for the Nusa Penida tour, a tour package is made that includes all the costs above

Domestic PriceOverseas Price
  • IDR 675.000 / person for 2 Person
  • IDR 550.000 / person for 3 Person
  • IDR 450.000 / person for 4 Person
  • IDR 400.000 / person for 5 Person
  • IDR 360.000 / person for 6 Person
  • IDR 800.000 / person for 2 Person
  • IDR 750.000 / person for 3 Person
  • IDR 700.000 / person for 4 Person
  • IDR 650.000 / person for 5 Person
  • IDR 625.000 / person for 6 Person
  • Why Domestic prices and overseas prices different?

    What made him different? You will definitely ask yourself.

    The answer is that boat ticket prices and retribution tickets are different between foreign visitors and domestic visitors.

    There is a boat ticket price margin of IDR 50,000 between overseas ticket prices and domestic tickets for one way. So for a return ticket, there is a difference of IDR 100,000.

    Overseas visitors also have retribution tickets to enter Nusa Penida Adults, IDR 25,000, and children IDR 15,000, while domestic visitors are not subject to a levy fee.

    Best time to visit Nusa Penida

    Actually, whenever it’s good to visit Nusa Penida, it’s just that January to February is the rainy season, from April to August is a good time for snorkeling in Nusa Penida.

    Manta rays are more frequent and appear more in the manta bay and manta point areas. If you only want sightseeing and trekking on the cliffs of Nusa Penida from April to late November, the summer is nice to visit.

    The best time to visit Nusa Penida spots Snorkelling start in the morning (Nusa Penida sea waves tend to be calmer in the morning) West Nusa Penida is the place to wait for the sun to set, so the best time is late afternoon. East Nusa Penida, should be visited at dawn to get an amazing sunrise.

    Length of stay in Nusa Penida

    It depends on what you want to explore in Nusa Penida. To be able to visit all places in Nusa Penida, you need 3 days at the longest. Nusa Penida west, east, south, and snorkeling can all be done.

    To get a minimum sunset and sunrise you have to stay 1 night in Nusa Penida. Most visitors only visit 1 day in Nusa Penida without staying overnight.

    They must choose a place according to the available packages. And you have to skip the sunset in Nusa Penida because you have to return to Bali by boat in the afternoon.

    For details, you can check about one day trip, 2-days tour, and 3-days tour in Nusa Penida

    Tips and Scam

    1. Don’t be fooled by cheap tour package

    Some may not private tour, not include hotel transfer to Sanur, entrance fee, and you may get a lunch box, not lunch at the restaurant.

    2. Check reviews before booking online tour

    check their social media, tripadvisor or contact them to know how friendly they are

    3. Things to bring to Nusa Penida

    good hiking shoes : the trail in several area are steep and challenging

    change chlotes : you will get wet and you need it

    hat and sunblock lotion : Nusa penida is quiet hot

    4. Prepare cash

    as a developing area ATM is not easily found


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