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The port in Nusa Penida

As an archipelago, the only entrance to Nusa Penida Island is the sea route because there is no airport as one of the access points to this island.

With an area of ​​202.84 kilometers (data from Wikipedia), Nusa Penida has more than one port.

We will sort out the ports in Nusa Penida one by one

1. Toya Pakeh port

This port is located in Tōya Pakeh Village, serving and receiving guests of Nusa Penida west tour crossings from the Yellow Bridge Harbor on Lembongan Island.

The boats operating in this port are mostly small boats with a capacity of 15-25 people.

This is because the crossing to and from Lembongan is very close, about 5 – 10 minutes.

It is enough for a small boat because the sea waves are also relatively small.

The crossing time starts from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

You can buy tickets at the counter near the port and wait for instructions to go to Lembongan immediately.

This port is also the place to get off the ekajaya shuttle boat from Gili Trawangan

2. Banjar Nyuh port

This port is located in the village of Banjar Nyuh, the village next to the village of Tōya Pakeh.

Banjar Nyuh is a large village, its area extending along the coastline. Almost along the coastline, there are ports and beach clubs. This area accommodates a large number of boats.

Both the crossing route to Sanur or Gili Trawangan

here are lots of port points:

  • Maruti boat (Nusa Penida-sanur)
  • Boat Crown (Nusa Penida-Sanur)
  • Angel Billabong (Nusa Penida-Sanur)
  • Port of Boat Elrey and Sri Rejeki (Nusa Penida-Sanur)
  • Dwi Manunggal Boat (Nusa Penida-Sanur)
  • Boat the Angkal (Nusa Penida-Sanur)
  • Semaye One Boat Harbor (Nusa Penida-Gili Trawangan)
3. Buyuk port

This port is located some distance from the previous port.

If the Banjar Nyuh port and Toya Pakeh is a western port,

Buyuk is a port in the eastern area that closer area go to Nusa Penida East Tour.

It is located in Banjar Buyuk Kutampi village, about a 15-minute drive from Banjar Nyuh port.

Buyuk port has existed since the 1990s, serving the Buyuk Padang Bay crossing route.

But that route no longer exists because it is outdone by the current route directly to Sanur.

The boats that dock at the port of Buyuk are

  • Boat Caspla Bali Nusa Penida – Sanur
  • Yamuna Fast Boat Nusa Penida – Sanur
  • Wijaya Buyuk Fast Boat Nusa Penida Sanur
  • Gangga Fast Boat nusa penida kusamba
  • Segening Fast Boat Nusa Penida Sanur
4. Mentigi Harbor

Located 3 kilometers east of Buyuk port.

This port was created in 2006, specifically for the port of the Roro ship.

The large ship has a capacity of 182 passengers and can carry many four-wheeled vehicles and motorbikes.

Most of the logistics in Nusa Penida come via this ship.

Including fuel to fill 3 gas stations in Nusa Penida. Another alternative to transporting goods is through traditional ships that dock from Kusamba Harbor and land at Mentigi Harbor in front of Mentigi Market.

5. Sampalan port

Including the port area east of Nusa Penida, 1 kilometer from the port of Mentigi. This port is predicted to be the location of the golden triangle port, which is estimated to be completed in the middle of 2021. There are several boats that dock here, including:

Gangga Fast Boat on the Nusa Penida Kusamba route

Mola Mola Fast Boat on the Nusa Penida Sanur route

Idola Fast Boat route to Nusa Penida Sanur

Sekarjaya Fast Boat on the Nusa Penida Kusamba route.

NB: Nusa Penida go to Kusamba seaport is closer then Nusa Penida go to Sanur port

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