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Nusa Penida Tour nusa penida Nusa Penida Beach Club| Relax in Nusa Penida

As an island that is currently in demand by tourists, Nusa Penida’s infrastructure is starting to move forward.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, tourist visits to Nusa Penida reached almost thousands of visitors every day.

The impact of booming tourist visits, hotels, restaurants, speed boats, beach clubs began to exist and more and more on Nusa Penida Island.

The texture of the Nusa Penida tourist spot is tiring and hot, the beach club is very important.

As a place to unwind for tourists who overnight on Nusa Penida Island. Tourists who visit one day tour cannot do it.

Because they have to return to the island of Bali by fast boat no later than 5 pm. Here we will describe the Beach club in Nusa Penida.

1. Maruti beach club

This beach club is located in Banjar Nyuh, Ped Village Nusa Penida, adjacent to the Maruti fast boat port.

Here is available dishes with a menu of Mediterranean, Indonesian, Bar.

There is also a menu for vegetarian customers. Located on the beach with views of Mount Agung and Lembongan Island RnB music and DJ music accompany visitors from late afternoon until late at night.

2. Penida beach club

Located about 500 meters from the Maruti beach club, it offers an atmosphere almost the same as MBC.

Has buildings and arrangements that seem luxurious. Very good to be enjoyed with friends or family.

Available dishes with a menu of Mediterranean, Indonesian, Bar, and vegetarian.

3. West Amp beach club

Located on a Prasi cliff to the west of Tōya Pakeh Harbor Lovely swimming pool with a lovely sea view.

Restaurant, pool, and water sport in one location.

Available dishes with a menu of Mediterranean, Indonesian, Bar, and vegetarian.

4. East Amp beach club

Located on Prapat Beach, Ped Nusa Penida Village, only 1 kilometer east of Penida Beach Club.

Right off a lovely beach with lots of lounge chairs and seating, this great beach club has a great pool with great seating by the pool.

It is perfect for relaxing and you will have no trouble keeping up with your drink after buying your first drink. Waiter service if needed.

5. Nusa alam beach club

Moving on to the east, 15 kilometers from the Banjar Nyuh port, we will meet this beach club.

Restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and soon there will be room and spa.

This is a very nice place to enjoy dusk in the evening.

6. Caspla Bali Beach Club

Heading east again a few kilometers from Nusa ABC, we will find the Caspla Beach club.

Just like other beach clubs, this place has a pool, restaurant, bar, and also a water spot.

This place is mostly filled with tourists from China.

From morning to night this place is always busy with Chinese tourists.

7. Amok sunset

Located in Gamat Bay, on the edge of a cliff facing west with views of the sea and Ceningan Island.

When the sunset is just right, tourists will be faced with the setting sun.

Restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and music are also available in this place.

The road to amok is still narrow and hollow, be careful.

Enjoy your evening here you will not regret it.

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