Lembongan Bali

Lembongan Island

Lembongan Island is a small island with an area of ​​6.15 square kilometers, with a population of around 5000 people. It is one of the islands in a row of 3 Nusa Islands, namely Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. In regional administration, Nusa Lembongan Bali entered into the Klungkung district of Bali.

Although it is a small island, Lembongan Bali offers a variety of recreational areas.

Lembongan water sports

Lembongan water sport rides are one of the most sought-after by tourists who are on a tour of Lembongan, besides of course the enchanting Lembongan beach. Snorkeling, surfing, Banana boat, parasailing, donut boat, and many more that tourists and families can enjoy.

Lembongan fast boat

There are several companies that serve fast boats to Lembongan including The price of a fast boat ticket to Lembongan is IDR 150,000 one way

  • Mushroom fast Boat
  • The Tanis fast boat
  • Dream beach fast boat
  • the marlin fast boat

Apart from fast boats, there are traditional boats that are used specifically to transport goods from Sanur to Lembongan once a week.

Lembongan Tour

With a small island area, the Lembongan tour only takes a few hours different from the Nusa Penida tour. There are 2 types of tours in Lembongan, namely tours using motorbikes or scooters IDR 70,000 (for tour participants 1 or 2 people) and tours using cars IDR 450,000 (for tour participants more than 2 people). You can also rent a motorbike to visit Ceningan which is only separated by a yellow bridge, while by car you can only visit places that are already mainstream. The places visited on the Lembongan tour are:

Nusa Lembongan Dream Beach

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan is a small, white sandy beach perfect for sunbathing. The sea on this beach is very clear, the right and left sides of the dream beach are high cliffs like a bull that protect the dream beach. Dream beach stands behind the hotel called the dream beach hut, you can spend the night there to enjoy dinner and a swimming pool on the edge of the cliff.

The Devil tears Lembongan cliff

Located a few tens of meters from the dream beach, you can walk from the dream beach to get here. The devil tear is a collection of cliff basins breaking the ocean waves and looks very much beautiful.

The unique thing is when the waves hit the cliffs, a distinctive sound occurs, then it is followed by the splintering of seawater in the air. Visitors always greet with shouts of joy.

This location is a photographer’s favorite place to capture beautiful sunset moments, also when the crashing of seawater in the air is a moment awaited waiting to be photographed.

Goa Gala-Gala Lembongan

Goa Gala-gala is an underground house in Nusa Lembongan Bali. This house is the work of a local named Mangku Byasa. Making this cave by manual excavation by humans without using machines. Although the underground cave of this cave has very good air circulation. You will not feel hot while in the cave, instead, you will feel cool. You need to pay IDR 25,000 as an entrance ticket to the gala-gala cave. All visitors are obliged to use a sarong and scarf, and if necessary, hire a local guide to accompany you in the cave so you don’t get lost.

Mangrove forest

25% of Lembongan Island is a mangrove forest with an area of ​​230 hectares. Now apart from being an abrasion barrier, mangrove forests are also a favorite tourist destination on Lembongan Island. Going along the sea marsh with traditional boats driven using poles, mangrove views on the right, and left accompany you along the way. Visitors must rent a boat and paddle of IDR 150,000 for 25 minutes. The trip can be done when the tide is high.

Panorama point Lembongan

Panorama’s point is a stopover location on the way to Dream Beach. It is located on a high hill, so you can almost see the view of the beach on Lembongan Island. The scenery here is very good as a photo background.

Lembongan yellow bridge

This bridge connects Nusa Lembongan Island with Nusa Ceningan Island, because of its unique shape, this bridge has become the iconic island of Lembongan. Visitors always take the time to take photos on this bridge. yellow bridge harbor provide boat go or from Nusa Penida harbour

Lembongan hotel

The tourism industry on the island of Nusa Lembongan has been around since the 1990s. Accommodation on this island is complete. Like star hotels like Mahagiri hotels are already here. Until cheap hostels have been found on the island of Lembongan. Other accommodations such as beach clubs, Lembongan water sport, beachside restaurants, night clubs are also complete here. Enjoy your beautiful time here.

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