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Nusa Penida Tour advice tour how to optimation your one day trip

How to optimation your one day trip and the most common problems I encountered in the one day trip of nusa penida were some, 

Once I saw a confused foreign visitor asking me if I could petrify him or not, then I asked him what help, he need to tell his tour guides that he wanted to snorkel, but his guidance tour did not speak English. At that time I also petrified to tell the tour guide what the guests need.

After that I then asked to my self how can he become a tour guide of foreign guests while he can not speak English. Communication becomes stuck and eventually it is most often a guest complaint to the tour agent.


“Ask your tour agent to give you a tour guide who can handle your tour well.”

“If you’re foreign make sure to your travel agent to give you a tour guide who speak English well”

The second is this, When I was taking a picture of my guest guest, a visitor came to me, then asked for help to take a picture of himself and the couple with his camera. I’m happy to help. Then I ask them  “do you come on motorcycle?” They answer about they visit using car, go private tour. “damn, you should with tour guide, why you take photo by your self” I ask again. They said the driver and tour guide is waiting at the shop there, pointing in a direction.

Here I think, why would not a tour guide if do not want to deliver and accompany his guests.


“when you book a tour, make sure to tour agent that they are taking to prepare a tour guide who have a good work ethic, that they are responsible for their work so that the cost and time you spend is not useless.”

At that time, beside me a visitor of Caucasians was looking down, saw the beauty of the kelingking beach. He look impressed admiration on his face. After a while it seems he decided to go allway down with the people who are going down the wooden stairs on the kelingking.

“I want to go down”, he told the tour guide who delivered it.

“We do not have enough time”, replied the tour guide, “if you insist, you will miss the boat to sanur”, he continued.

Instantly the face expression of joy and amazement on his face turned into sadness, I so sad to see it. Then he just raised his shoulders to a sense of resignation and dissatisfaction. I guess that’s just one case of the same many cases that occur in the kelingking beach. Feelings feel sad participate in joining. How not, they only have one day time and expense to visit nusa penida, and the rare opportunity to enjoy the beautiful white sand was missed just because of lack of time. Time should be arranged in such a way that the trip can be done optimally.

nusa penida tour kelingking beach

way down to kelingking beach


“Choose the boat departure schedule the most early, at 7:00 already there is a boat that departs to nusa penida or at least at 8:00 had departed to nusa penida and to return to the island of Bali ask the tour agent or boat search backward last schedule, at 5.00 boats last to go to bali”.

The last case is, guests who snorkel do not find manta ray, the most wanted fish for snorkeling. There is no guarantee to meet manta rays while snorkeling, but we can increase the chance to see manta rays while snorkeling.

nusa penida tour ocean tour

snorkeling tour nusa penida


  1. Make sure the weather is clear before snorkeling
  2. Sea breeze is not in a state of taut so the sea waves are not high and strong
  3. Do snorkeling in the morning, if the morning is high tide usualy the afternoon is low and quiet, in this case then choose to snorkel in the afternoon.
  4. When the water is calm and the weather is sunny although not sure but most likely we will be able to see even swim with manta ray.
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