Home Trees (Rumah Pohon)

Nusa Penida Tour Home Trees (Rumah Pohon)

Tree house located on the hill of molenteng, is the tourist area of ​​eastern Nusa Penida. One lane with Atuh beach. When in tree house, we can enjoy the scenic cliffs that towering around it. There is also a view of the small beach and the Indian Ocean. The most awaited thing is when the sun rises, nature presents a scene that will make us amazed. This moment is the most sought after by tourists who come to the tree house.
About 50 minutes from the penida harbour we have reached the hill of molenteng, the hill where this tree house exists. From the parking lot of our vehicles we walk through the not so steep cliff to get to the tree house. Visitors pay 5000 rupiah each person to enter this tourist attraction. In addition to visited the tree house is also rented for a stay at a cost of 400,000 rupiah per night. Up on the hill there is a restaurant owned by the owner of the tree house. There are 3 houses rented there, visitors can book to stay in arbnb application. Facilities provided are room size 2.5 X2.5 meter fan, bed, 1 toilet for 3 houses.
For visitors who like to take pictures, this place there are many spot photos with a beautiful background, but should always be careful when doing photo activities because the place is litlebit extreme. Always be on the lookout for security so your vacation is enjoyable.

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