Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is one of the beaches that should not be missed when doing a Nusa Penida day tour.

The combination of scenery here is amazing.

Especially now that we can go down to the diamond beach because in mid-2018 a stairway was made on the diamond beach cliff.

Location of diamond beach

located on the east coast of Nusa Penida Island which is right next to Atuh Beach. Precisely in the Banjar Pelilit, Pejukutan Village, Nusa Penida District.

This spot is included in the Nusa Penida East Tour Package.

To get to this place, we need to drive a car or motorbike for about 50 minutes from the port or city center of Nusa Penida.

The parking lot is located on the cliff with an entrance fee of IDR 10,000 per person.

The thing to do at the Diamond beach

The view from the top of the cliff is very beautiful, the combination of the coastline with white sand and large boulders in the sea is very beautiful.

The first time to take a picture from the east side of the cliff leading to the diamond beach.

If you are not satisfied with the peak, you can reach the beach by descending the steps that have been provided to the sandy beach.

Diamond beach sand is very soft and comfortable for sunbathing.

This beach can also be used for swimming. At low tide there is a small pool in the beach area, great for swimming, from here we can also see a treehouse, one of the east entrance tours of Nusa Penida.

activities that you can do on this beach are


You can rent a swing here and have your friends take pictures from behind.

You will be very satisfied to see the results sunbathing, under a towel or thin cloth as a base, lay your body and enjoy the heat of the sun at diamond beach


Swim when the waves are small and calm because when the waves tend to be big you will unconsciously be swept away.

It is not recommended to swim when the sea waves are big

Take good pictures.

You can rent available nests or take pictures in several places that are free of charge the results are all definitely good.

Fly a drone.

Taking a picture from above that is far away then all the scenery can be in the frame.

Meal at Diamond Beach

If you need drinks or food, there are traders provided, for sure, or they cost a little more than usual, given the efforts they put into unloading the goods over the cliff.

After you finish at the diamond beach, you have to climb the wall for about 20 minutes, a little tired, but it is worth the experience you get.

Time to continue to the Atuh beach

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