Crystal Beach

Nusa Penida Tour Crystal Beach

Crystal bay or crystal beach is the last spot visited by tourists in their day trip tour. Why here? This is the answer, the tour from morning until noon is passed by the tourists in broken beach, angel billabong and pink beach. As we know, the field for the spot is a bit extreme, need effort, extra energy to enjoy those spots. Well to unwind, crystal beach is perfect. Very easy access to the crystal beach makes this a great place to rest. Tourists only need to walk a few steps from the car or motorcycle park, has reached the sand beach. This place is also commercial so there are many sellers of drinks or food, also available rental of umbrellas and chairs to rest. Crystal beach is great for swimming and senorkling because there is a beautiful coral collection near the beach.
If tourists do not want to just rest and enjoy the beach, we can also find other beaches there. Its name is pandan beach. There is a southern crystal beach bordered by a hill. So if we want to go there, we need to pass the hill with a field that is not so difficult, because it already available a concrete ladder. It took about 15 minutes to get there. Pandan beach is a quiet beach, maybe only a few people are there, and the sand is white. Unlike the crystal beach sand gray. There are other options there, depending on the tastes of tourists want to enjoy what kind of atmosphere.

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