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how to visit nusa penida with low cost

how to visit nusa penida with low cost Nusa Penida is in great demand by visitors both foreign and domestic visitors. To visit this island, it costs a little more than making a visit on the island of Bali, because to get here you have to do a sea crossing using a fast boat with […]

One day trip nusa penida

one day trip nusa penida  one day trip is tour package that is done for about 8 hours in nusa penida, due to the time of visitors is limited. In the case of many I meet, they usually have to return to the place of origin because the holiday time is over, but they are […]

Snorkeling at nusa penida

Snorkeling tour nusa penida has lots of spots for snorkeling. manta bay, you can swim with famous manta rays to reach five meters, GT point to see bigs fish, gamat bay, wall bay, crystal bay with coral and small colorful fish, budha statue and another one which is home manta rays is a manta point. […]

about nusa penida tour

Nusa penida tour I want to describe how the atmosphere of tour in nusa penida, not like a holiday in general, people sit back enjoying the scenery but the tour here needs a prime physical because to enjoy the most beautiful spot in nusa penida we need to walk in the scorching heat. But the […]

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