Broken Beach

Nusa Penida Tour Broken Beach

Broken beach or with the local name pasih uug,not far from angel billabong. We only need to walk about 200 meters to get to this place. The thing I often see when touris get here is they admire the natural beauty they see. A large hole above the surface of the earth in which it contains sea water and there is a hole connecting with the loose ocean. For now the activity that can be done is to enjoy the scenery and take pictures in some corner of this place. After enjoying the east side, we walk around this big hole. Arriving in the west, if we are lucky then we will see manta rays swim alongside the western cliff. Manta rays often appear and swim there, a place called manta bay where the spot where senorkling. On the west side there are also photo spots with background cliffs and western holes. No less beautiful with the first spot. In this place there are several restaurants, so no need to worry you will thirst or starvation.

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