Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Why is it called Broken Beach?

Broken Beach takes by translate the local name “Pasih Uug” into English.

Behind the name Broken Beach, there is a story behind the name.

About 300 years ago this area was a rural village with about 70 inhabitants.

Life here is the same as village life in general.

Until one day a resident here got a giant snake.

The snake was killed and eaten by everyone in this village.

It turns out that the snake is not an arbitrary snake, the snake is the incarnation of a god.

God Destroy Village

The god was angry with this incident and came back and became a small child carrying a broomstick and stuck it in the middle of the village.

The child shouted to all the villagers, for those who are able to pull out this broomstick will get a prize.

All residents tried to pull it out but no one was able to.

Then the boy pulled out the stem and the water came out of the hole of the trunk and grew bigger and bigger until it drowned the whole village.

That story spread throughout the Nusa Penida community about the name Broken Beach which means the beach of a destroyed village.

Nusa Penida Broken Beach location

Located in the Bunga Mekar village of Nusa Penida, in the western part of Nusa Penida Island.

So Broken Beach includes Nusa Penida West Tour.

It is 30 kilometers from the port of Nusa Penida with a travel time of 40 minutes.

The broken beach is located not far from angel billabong.

We only need to walk about 100 meters to get to this place.

What can to do at Broken Beach

I often see when tourists arrive here is that they admire the natural beauty they see.

A large hole on the surface of the earth in which there is seawater and there is a hole that connects the open ocean.

Currently, the activities that can be done are enjoying the view and taking pictures in several corners of this place.

After enjoying the east side, we walked around this big hole. Arriving in the west, we will see manta rays swimming on the edge of the western cliff.

Manta rays often appear and swim there, so a place call manta bay snorkeling spot.

On the west side, there is also a photo spot with a cliff background and a western hole.

No less beautiful than the first spot.

There is a small beach here, even then when the sea recedes.

Too bad we can only see the beach from the top of the cliff.

Without being able to set foot on the sand of the beach.

Because until now there is no road access there.

It can only boat can reach the beach.

you can rent it at the port and entering from the big west hallway.

Broken beach conditions Consisting of a combination of sea and towering cliffs, the weather here is rather hot, try to wear a hat and shoes when visiting here.

For drinks and snacks, you don’t need to worry because in this place there are several restaurants, so you don’t have to worry about thirst or hunger.


for visitors who rent cars and drivers, the car park is a bit far from the broken beach location, after finishing the tour guests can pass a shortcut, walk 10 meters to the Payment place and wait for your driver to pick you up. Instead go back to the car park is about 150 meters away.

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