Angel Billabong

The name Angels Billabong

Comes from the English “Billabong” which means “the dead-end of a river”. So the natural pool or Angels Billabong is a river that actually has a lot of branches and some of them are deadlocked, and one of them then empties into this open sea and forms a pool like a pond with very clear water where the angels bathe, until finally it is known as Angels Billabong. I don’t know who gave that name, I don’t know.

Angel Billabong’s location

If you have read the article on Broken Beach, it is located 100 meters north of the broken beach. But if you’re not there, I’ll explain again. The West Part Of Nusa Penida, with a distance of about 30 kilometers from the port of Nusa Penida, the distance is 45 minutes. Can be reached by car or motorbike. Include Nusa Penida West Tour.

Things to do at Angel Billabong

Are you a swimming type? then Angel’s Billabong is the place to be. Formed by rocks that are like splitting. The natural pool is very beautiful even though it is only seen from above. So besides swimming, we can also take good pictures from several angles. The texture of the rocks here is similar to that of a volcano. Natural pool with a Tosca green base, very different from the color of the seawater next to it. The scenery is unique and beautiful. Seeing the clear water, of course, we want to swim immediately but wait a minute, we have to go down the stairs a little and walk on the rocks that are rather sharp, here we have to be careful. When the water recedes you can swim. I think the water is great for swimming.

You can also walk to the cliffside and ask your friends to take photos. The photos must be very good. But you have to be alert, the waves can at any time rise and pull you out to sea. When the tide is in, take pictures from a place that is some distance away because the photos of high waves are amazing, like water blow. To get really good pictures you have to wait patiently for the right moment.

Don’t visit here during the rainy season, because you will see nothing but dark muddy pool water. The mud will disappear and the pool water will return clean when there is a high tide that brings the mud into the sea. To maintain the safety of visitors here, there are already safeguards. These people will tell you whether you can go down to the pool or not. Just follow it for your safety and security.

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