About Us

Melali Nusa Penida Team

Nusa Penida Tour and Travel have been waiting for such a long time to develop, so decades only become a viewer of the rapid development of world tourism in Bali, now is the time for us to crawl and rise into new and growing tourist destinations. For the better economy of citizens Nusa Penida.

Why did we do this?

As a local son, we should participate to advance, develop, and enjoy the potential of Nusa Penida. From what we can keep the preservation of Nusa Penida in order to continue to be the best destination for tourists. Melali Nusa Penida from the beginning commits to introducing to the world about beautiful nature, interesting culture, and friendly and friendly people.

Why with us?

In 2015 we were established under the name CV. Melali Nusa Penida. We have received official permission from the Indonesia government to organize a tour program in Nusa Penida. We also have accident insurance for all of our customers who will visit Nusa Penida. We are a professional team in the hospitality field, we’ve many years working in a hotel and tour travel company in Denpasar, so you can trust your tour to our service with guarantee comfortable, safe, and joyful.

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