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I want to describe how the atmosphere of tour in nusa penida, not like a holiday in general, people sit back enjoying the scenery but the tour here needs a prime physical because to enjoy the most beautiful spot in nusa penida we need to walk in the scorching heat. But the tiring thing did not dampen the intention of the tourists to visit nusa penida. From day to day continue to increase the number of visits to the island that called the blue paradise. Tiredness and heat gained instantly disappeared and changed the face happy and at the same time amazed after seeing what is in front of our eyes.

Some streets around a few miles of holes are the first greeting for your fatigue, and then you have to walk the streets from the parking lot to the point where the tour is the second greeting completed by the sun, but it all pays off more when it comes to stunning natural scenery. Even the extreme travel down and up the kelingking cliff’s does not frighten the traveler for the sake of tasting the white sand of the kelingking beach. Tours in nusa penida like teach us how to strive before achieving success. Cool  natural pool water angels billabong, muffle the scorching sun that continues to sting you earlier. Or at least after seeing the picture on the camera screen or phone directly there is a satisfied smile on your face.

There are still many things that I can not tell here. You just need to come here and be able to tell your story about nusa penida. I make sure it will be memorable and an unforgettable experience. At least you will make your friends envy when viewing the photos that you share in social media.


(melali nusa penida team)


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