4 large temple on the Nusa Penida Island

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Besides the natural beauty of the beach and sea as the main attraction of the Nusa Penida Tour, Nusa Penida Island also has another attraction, namely 4 holy temples that bring visitors to Nusa Penida.

Unlike the Nusa Penida tour, generally, people who come to visit the temple are Tirta Yatra (religious tourism).

It is not uncommon for visitors who come to combine Nusa Penida tours with religious tourism to visit holy temples in Nusa Penida.

Some take a 2-day tour, and some are a combination of the Nusa Penida West Tour by visiting One temple in Nusa Penida.

Here are 4 large temples in Nusa Penida.

1. Dalem Ped Temple

This temple is the largest temple in Nusa Penida, located on the coast of Ped Nusa Penida Village.

Consists of 4 pieces of khayangan or 4 places of prayer which are carried out sequentially when Hindus come to this temple.

The first is the Segara temple, the temple visited for the worship of the god Baruna or the god of the sea

The second is the Taman temple, the temple in which there is a large garden pool surrounding the temple

The third is the Ratu Gede Temple, this temple is the main shadow in the Pura Dalem Ped.

Place to worship Betara (God) Ratu Gede.

The last one is the upgrading temple, the prayer at this temple is as a closing ritual at the Pura Dalem Ped.

The big day at this temple is “Buddha Cemeng Klawu” For guests who just visit here, they must dress modestly and use a sarong as Balinese traditional clothing.

2. Giri Putri Cave Temple

Giri Putri is a temple located in the middle of a large cave in Karang Sari village, Nusa Penida.

The distance is about 30 kilometers from the Sampalan port.

Before entering this temple, we have to wear a sarong and touch.

If it doesn’t take us, we can rent a sarong at the parking lot for IDR 5000.

Entering the temple, foreign guests will be asked to enter an entrance fee of IDR 20,000.

starting to enter through the very narrow cave door, after passing through the entrance we will see a very wide and darkroom even though it is daytime.

There are already electric lights along the cave road. There are 3 temples there in praying.

If in a very crowded situation, the temple exit is used at the end of Goa, if it is quiet then we can exit through the first entrance we passed.

This temple can also be entered into the Nusa Penida East Tour if requested by the customer.

Because it is located in the direction of the spots in East Nusa Penida.

3. Puncak Mundi Temple

This temple is a temple located at the highest point in Nusa Penida.

With an altitude of 521 meters above sea level.

It is 30 kilometers from the Banjar Nyuh port or 25 kilometers from the Pura Dalem Ped.

Can be accessed by motorbike or car.

Included in the area of ​​the Rata hamlet of the Klumpu village, Nusa Penida sub-district.

The access road to the Puncak Mundi Temple is a high and winding incline, with a good and smooth asphalt road.

Apart from praying, we can also get a beautiful view from the highest point of Nusa Penida Island.

In this temple, there is also a small forest inhabited by wild monkeys. They will be seen clustered on high wood.

There are 3 temples in the Puncak Mundi Temple

1 Pura Beji, the place of prayer for the first time

2 Pura Kerangkeng

3 main temples of peak mundi.

4. Mobil Paluang Temple.

It is located in the Karangdawa hamlet, the blooming flower village of Nusa Penida.

It is 500 meters from Kelingking Beach.

This temple is a very unique temple.

The 2 images of this temple are in the form of a frog car.

Because of the uniqueness of this temple, it is very attractive for foreign tourists to just take photos beside the car temple.

The prayer at this temple is 2 times. At the temple on the west side and then at the main temple in.

After making the offerings, visitors then go to Paluang Cliff or all the little cliffs to take photos.

Those are the 4 large temples on the island of Nusa Penida that are most visited by Hindu tourists for praying or tourists who just want to walk and take photos.


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