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One day trip nusa penida

One day trip is tour package that is done for about 8 hours in nusa penida, due to the time of visitors is limited. In the case of many I meet, they usually have to return to the place of origin because the holiday time is over, but they are curious about the penida nusa that is booming in social media. So the one-day trip package becomes very popular, even this package that best seller.

The plot of this package is the visitors crossing from the island of Bali or Lembongan, to the nusapenida island, then tour the land in nusa penida. Available path is west and east path, can be selected one of them. Or choose the desired place in the west or east path but not all places can be visited due to limited time.

We discuss the western course only, because this path is the most visited. In the morning at 7 or 8 o’clock, visitors begin crossing the sea from the Bali Island using a large speed boat with a capacity of 70 to 100 people. It takes about 45 minutes to the island of penida nusa. There are more than 7 companies which serves this route, you just choose one of them. Important tips, should you book a ticket 1 day before the day of departure or hire a travel agent to do that because in the crowded possibility to buy tickets on the spot can not be done because the tickets are sold out via booking via phone or online. For crossings from Lembongan, you will rent a small boat with a travel time of about 10 to 15 minutes because the distance of Lembongan and nusa penida somewhat closer.

nusa penida tour port of nusa penida

boat arriving nusa penida sea port

Arriving at nusa penida visitors will be greeted by a tour guide who has brought a signboard that contains the name of the visitor so easily found by visitors, this for the type of travel agent visit.

driver at nusa penida tour

driver and tour guide at nusa penida island

For those traveling alone without booking in travel agents, you can search for cars or motorcycles on the spot. My advice should you travel with a trusted travel agent because all your trips are well organized. If you are looking for a vehicle on the spot you should be smart to bargain for not paying too much.

car at nusa penida tour

car line of nusa penida one day trip

The journey begins, cars and motorcycles begin to move towards the western route, for now some roads are not good, but do not worry october ahead all the way will be good. The time taken from the harbor is 50 minutes to the kelingking beach.

how to do one day trip nusa penida

foto by: @lekteeradetch

Why do I prefer my kelingking? Because here visitors can choose to go all way down the beach or just enjoy the view from the top of the cliff.

how to one day trip nusa penida

foto by : @lillemoor @barefoot.wandering

When finished adoring the kelingking, we move to angels billabong

how to one day trip angels billabong

foto by: @visualsofjulius

and broken beach with 30 minutes distance.

how to one day trip broken beach nusa penida

foto by: @felgra_photography

Well here there are 2 stages of damaged roads must be passed. First on the banjar sompang and the second near the destination. The rather severe is near the destination. In addition to damaged also dusty, it is advisable for those who visit using a motorcycle to wear a mask to minimize the effects of dust, and also be careful because there are so many accidents visitors who use motorcycles. The road is not impossible but very difficult to pass motorcycle. 

Walking about 100 meters you will reach the broken beach, beautiful giant hole view greet you. Do not miss the best photo spot there, for a long and tiring journey to get there does not feel in vain.

how to do one day trip nusa penida

foto by: @melalinusapenida

There are also several restaurants and beverage merchants that you can go just to remove the thirst. The tour route on broken beach is surround the hole of this circular place. The other side of the broken beach is a place for snorkeling called manta bay. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a manta ray from the side of the cliff.

how to do one day trip nusa penida

foto by: @selcouth_vagary

Once satisfied around the broken beach, next is lunch. Driver will take you to the best restaurant in nusa penida. Usually the restaurant sought is one way to crystal bay, the last Spot for one day trip.Distance from broken beach to crystal bay (more about crystal bay) is 50 minutes, your ideal time to crystal bay is 3.00 hours. enough for you to swim, snorkeling and relax here.

how to do one day trip nusa penida

foto by: @lets_wander_the_globe

returning to the port of penida nusa. The return time to the harbor is 4.15 for the boat schedule behind 5.00

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