Nusa Penida Tour Kelingking

Nusa penida Kelingking beach is located in the village of karangdawa nusa penida. The distance is about 40 minutes from the port of penida. Upon arriving at the Kelingking, we are greeted by a beautiful cliff-like view of the head of the tirex and a stunning white sand beach scene with its blue ocean. 

normaly on nusa penida trip, we visit kelingking as first stop before go to broken beach and angel billabong, so we have time to choose go all way down or stay on the top. We first enjoy the scenery on the top and take photos from about 3 point photos.

nusa penida tour kelingking cliff

top view of kelingking beach

nusa penida tour kelingking beach

way down to kelingking beach

To reach the shore we have to descend the streets that are not easily skipped. The steep cliffs with hundreds of stairs of wood. No need to hesitate the way is safe just a rather difficult field. About 30 minutes down the cliff we are already able to enjoy the charming white sand. All sense of tired immediately paid off when set foot on the beach.

nusa penida kelingking beach

another side of kelingking cliff

In addition to swimming and sunbathing under many beautiful shot photos. Sometimes we can also swim with manta rays but that’s a rare moment. It is recommended to wear shoes to pass through the cliffs to be more secure.

nusa penida tour kelingking beach

amazing white sandy beach of kelingking

On the beach there is also a beverage seller so no need to bring water from above. Having finished enjoying kelingking beach takes 45 minutes to climb the cliff back up, not an easy journey but the experience gained is worth the effort and sweat that we spend out. 

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