Angel Billabong

Nusa Penida Tour Angel Billabong

If you’re the type who likes to swim then, angel’s billabong is the place you’re looking for. Formed by rocks that are like splitting. this natural swimming pool is very beautiful even if we just look at it from above. So in addition to swimming we can also take good pictures at some angles
To reach this place, we have to travel overland about 40 minutes from port of penida nusa. After passing the streets that some parts have not been properly preserved, we will arrive at this location. The natural pool with the bottom green tosca, very different from the color of sea water next to it. The scenery is unique and beautiful.
Seeing the clear water of course we want to swim right away, but wait a minute, we have to down a bit of stairs and walk on the rocks rather sharp, here we must be careful. anyway, to be able to swim or down to the location of this natural pool, it is better to ask the guide or the people around ya gaes, because under certain conditions, especially if the sea water is high or wavy, then we will not go down because the risk carried away the waves into the ocean off and can also be crashed into the rock cliffs are very steep and steep. So, be carefull ya guys, keep your safety first!
It is said, Angels Billabong name is derived from the English “Billabong” which means “the end of a dead-end river”. So a natural pool or Angels Billabong is a river that is actually a lot of branches and some of them there is a dead end, and one of them then empties into this loose sea and form a pool-like pool with a very clear water where the baths of angels, until finally known as Angels Billabong’s.

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