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Nusa Penida Tour

Do nusa penida tour with melali team is best way to visit nusa penida and day trip in nusa penida, we are satisfaction oriented.

On our site, you can find numerous nusa penida tour packages that are available to suit a variety of tastes. best seller nusa penida tour package is one day trip. this is for tourists who do not have much time because of the routine that waits. with limited time you still can visit some amazing places in nusa penida. first, read this for detail of  itinerary about one day trip

to avoid problems that often arise on one day trip


There are also a number of different options for each tour, with the possibility of adding accommodation, food and transportation.

nusa penida tour broken beach

natural giant arch rock

With Melali Nusa Penida Tours, you will find the rich, traditional and mystical Balinese culture of Nusa Penida. Our prices to our customers are affordable but also qualified.

nusa penida tour angel billabong

infinity natural pool angel billabong

we pay our staff, tour guides, drivers and assistants much higher than the average local wage. This makes us achieve our mission as a 100% sustainable tour company to be the best. with the same quality of our tour the cheapest, with the same price our tour the best. We specialize in cultural tours and landscapes, allowing us to point out locations that are not accessible on this rugged and beautiful island. Get off the rough lane, explore something new, and visit Nusa Penida.

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